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You will find us at Balimitika village, 4km from the town of Aigio, 170km from Athens, 50km from Araxos airport, 50km from the village of Kalavrita and 200m from the sea. You can find us at Valimitika , 4 Kilometers from Egion, 170 k.m. from Athens, 80 from Araxos airport.Our apartments enjoy the ideal location being just 200m from the sea. From our apartments one can go on day trips to the museums and  archealogical sites of Athens, Patra, Ancient Olympia, Delphi, Epidavro, Mykines(ancient Mycenae), and Nafplio, the ancient theatre of Aigon etc. andthe local museum in Egion. Also one can enjoy the natural beauty of Achaia such as a trip on the  famous Rackrailway (odontotos) through the amazing gorge to Kalavrita where one can visit the Mega Spileo monastery. Also the magnificent Tsivlou lake and the forest of Zarouxlas,  the cave lakes and springs of Aroaniou River in Planitero are well worth a visit.The Nature generusely embelished the greek land. Located between the sea and the mountain, our apartments blend harmoniously with the environment and welcome those who wish to have  an authentic travelling experience, far away from mass tourism. Discover the lost connection  with the nature, seize the opportunity to explore, embrace the simplicity and the warmth. In each one of our independent apartments, which are named after the names of flowers, the visitor can find a balcony and garden, living room with fireplace, air conditioning, tv and internet access. Unique aesthetics and a smell of freshness and cleanness. Also, all the necessary domestic utensils, parking space, as well as a communal garden with a barbeque and  aromatic plants. Select between our variety of beauty treatments and yoga courses.